Biden proposed to invest $ 2 trillion in the transfer of the United States to clean energy

The most likely Democratic candidate for the post of President of the United States, Joe Biden, in the event of his victory in the election, plans to achieve an investment of $ 2 trillion over a four-year period in transferring the country’s energy to environmentally friendly sources. About it on Monday, July 13.

According to him, the former vice president aims to completely transfer the United States to clean energy by 2035.

It is noted that Biden also supports the plan of Democrats in the Senate of Congress, Chuck Schumer, which provides for the stimulation of the exchange of conventional cars in the United States for electric cars, as well as cars with hybrid engines.

Former Vice President July 7 outlined his own program to improve the supply chain and US supply chains, including by limiting imports from Russia and China. The politician considers it appropriate for four years to increase by $ 400 billion the cost of acquiring goods and services produced in the homeland.

The National Congress of the US Democratic Party, in which Biden should be called a candidate for the highest state post, was postponed due to a pandemic on August 17–20. It will be held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3.