Biden reaffirmed his faith in American democracy

Biden reaffirmed his faith in American democracy

President-elect addressed the country after the electoral college officially confirmed his victory

President-elect Joe Biden reaffirmed his belief in American democracy and the integrity of U.S. elections in an address he delivered after the electoral college officially confirmed his victory over President Donald Trump.

Biden tried to unite a polarized country by appealing to the more than 74 million Americans who voted for Trump.

“In this fight for the soul of America, democracy has won,” Biden said. – We the people voted. Faith in our institutions remains intact. The integrity of our elections remains intact. It is time to turn the page, as we have done throughout our history. To unite. To heal.”

In Monday’s electoral college vote, its members officially gave Biden the more than 270 votes needed to certify his electoral victory.

After the last four electors in Hawaii voted, Biden received 306 electoral votes, substantially more than the threshold needed to win. For President Donald Trump, 232 electors voted.

Voting in the Electoral College is usually considered a formal procedure in the quadrennial calendar of U.S. presidential elections. Since the Nov. 3 national vote, however, Trump has repeatedly claimed that voting in key states where he lost to Biden in some way was rigged, costing him reelection.

On Sunday, Trump continued his attacks on Biden’s victory.

“Fluctuating states that have discovered massive voter fraud – which they all are – cannot legally certify these votes as complete and correct without committing a seriously punishable offense,” he wrote on Twitter.

The president retweeted himself on Monday morning as voting in the electoral college began.

Biden addressed the country after the vote was over.

The president-elect mocked Trump and dozens of Republican officials who support the incumbent for still talking about their victory despite numerous lost lawsuits.

“They knew that the election was controlled, under their control, that it was fair, free and just,” Biden said. – “I sincerely hope that we will never again see anyone so threatened and abused as we were in this election.

In comments that appeared to be aimed at Trump, Biden implicitly rejected attempts to challenge the election results.

“In America, politicians don’t take power, people give it to them,” Biden said. – The flame of democracy has been lit in this country for a long time. And now we know that nothing – not even a pandemic or abuse of power – can extinguish that flame.”

At noon Jan. 20, Biden will be sworn in on the steps of the Capitol as the 46th president of the United States. At age 78, he will become the oldest American leader elected to office.