Biden reminded Trump that he is still president

US presidential candidate Joseph Biden said he saw no need for lawsuits to ensure the transfer of power to his administration. In addition, there is no evidence of Trump’s claims of victory and violations during the vote, or of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In his speech, the democrat recalled that until January 20, Trump is the only president of the country. But the reluctance of the American leader to recognize the victory of the Democratic candidate, Biden called “a shame”, and the Republicans will have to recognize him as the president of the United States.

He does not hide his desire to talk with Trump, which he told reporters, RIA Novosti reports.

The US general election was held on November 3. According to preliminary data, Biden has enlisted the support of more than 270 electors, whose votes are necessary to defeat a rival in the struggle for the presidency. The incumbent president did not admit defeat and announced his intention to go to courts because of the numerous, in his opinion, violations at the elections.