Biden removed Trump’s coke button from the Oval Office

Biden removed Trump's coke button from the Oval Office

The new U.S. President Joe Biden has removed from the Oval Office the button for ordering Diet Coke installed by his predecessor Donald Trump. This was revealed on Twitter by journalist Tom Newton Dunn, who was on a tour of the White House.

The former president used to have a special button on his desk: Trump would push it, and his favorite soda would be immediately brought into the office on a silver tray. Biden abandoned the button to summon Coca-Cola and removed it.

On January 21, the new leader of the United States showed reporters his White House office for the first time. The room for the politician was transformed in a few hours. The famous Oval Office was decorated with a bronze bust of César Chávez, a Latin American human rights activist and fighter for workers’ freedoms. The president also swapped the portrait of Democratic President Andrew Jackson for the image of politician and thinker Benjamin Franklin. Biden’s desk attracted special media attention – a cup and saucer for tea or coffee appeared on it.