Biden responds to question about Trump’s involvement in the U.S. riots

Biden responds to question about Trump's involvement in the U.S. riots

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden responded to a question about the involvement of incumbent President Donald Trump in the unrest in the United States.

“I made it clear that President Trump should not hold office. Period,” Biden said when asked about his involvement in inciting the riots. He stressed that those involved in the riots in Washington should be held accountable.

In addition, Biden discussed with U.S. senators questions about the possible impeachment of Trump. In particular, he tried to find out if they could handle the procedure, the confirmation of Biden’s candidates for key positions in the new administration and the allocation of financial aid to fight the pandemic coronavirus at the same time.

On January 11, the House of Representatives released a resolution to impeach current President Donald Trump. The politician is accused of sedition and of “seriously endangering the security of the United States and government institutions.” According to members of the House of Representatives, Trump remains a threat to national security and democracy and should be removed from office because of this.

On January 6, protesters of Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building and surrounded the Senate chamber. The Senate and House of Representatives adjourned. The Capitol building in Washington was later cleared of protesters. As a result, five people were killed. The next day, the U.S. Congress approved the election of Joe Biden to the presidency amid the riots.