Biden said he shouldn’t have called Trump a clown

United States presidential candidate Joseph Biden regrets calling his rival Donald Trump a clown during the first round of televised debates in September in Cleveland. It is reported by NBC.

“I should have said that this is buffoonery, instead of calling him a clown,” the Democrat said, expressing his regret.

Biden noted that he was trying to figure out how to make Trump behave in a respectful manner during the debate towards the moderator, and “give everyone the opportunity to speak.”

“It was only clear that he did not actually answer any question. He was not going to speak to the point, “Biden added, reminding that his opponent interrupted him and the moderator Chris Wallace 158 times.

In the first round of debates in the presidential election campaign, the rivals went personal 10 minutes after the debate began. Biden either recommended Trump to “shut up”, then urged him to continue “yapping”, calling the interlocutor a clown and a liar. Trump, in response, questioned Biden’s mental abilities and expressed the opinion that he had not done anything useful for his fellow citizens for almost half a century in politics.