Biden said that Trump’s actions are an “embarrassment” that will not prevent the transition of power

On the thought of President-elect Joe Biden, go to the transition of Vladi will be in the distance and welcome to the side of President-elect Donald trump.

This is reported by CNN.

Biden called Trump’s refusal to admit his election loss an “embarrassment” that “will not help the presidential legacy.”

The refusal of Trump administration officials to start the transition process, Biden said, “does not change the dynamics” of what his team can do.

” We don’t see anything slowing us down, quite frankly, ” he said.

According to the newly elected president, his team “can do without the funding” needed for the transfer of power process.

“We’ll just keep doing what we have to do. We will do exactly what we would have done if he had conceded and said we won. So nothing really changes, ” Biden said.

It is noteworthy that Biden opposes solving the problem of blocking the process of the transfer of power through the courts.