11 months ago

Biden said the African-American Trump supporters aren’t real blacks

11 months ago

U.S. presidential candidate Democrat Joe Biden has fallen under a hail of criticism for his statement that African Americans who support the current head of state, Donald Trump, are “fake blacks”.

He has already expressed his regret over these reckless words.

According to the BBC, Biden said in an interview with a black radio host using the pseudonym “Charlemagne, God”.

During the 18-minute interview, 77-year-old Biden recalled his longstanding ties to black America. He recalled his unconditional primaries victory in South Carolina, where about 60% of voters are black in the state.

“I won in every county. I got the largest black vote in history, even more than Barack Obama,” the candidate said.

He also “guaranteed” that he would consider several black women as his vice president.

When Biden’s aide said time was up, the presenter began protesting, explaining that he still had many questions. He called on the former vice president to participate in another interview.

“If you doubt whether to vote for me or Trump, you’re not black,” Biden answered.

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