Biden said the need for a model president in the United States

A likely Democratic candidate for president, former vice president Joseph Biden criticized incumbent head of state Donald Trump, and also stated the need for a “model president.”

Speaking to reporters in Delaware, Biden criticized Trump for his behavior during the coronavirus pandemic and recommended that he wear a mask and keep his distance.

He said that the United States needs a president who will tell the unembarrassed truth, take responsibility, instead of blaming others, a president who will listen to experts, follow science, and will lead and set a model example for the country.

Earlier, on June 30, Biden announced his refusal to hold pre-election rallies until the very election of the US President in November 2020. According to the 77-year-old politician, he intends to heed the advice of a doctor. At the same time, Biden emphasized that we are talking not only about his health, but also about “the health of everyone in the country.”

His future rival in the election – incumbent President Donald Trump – on the contrary, has repeatedly expressed hope for the resumption of pre-election rallies. The President of the United States systematically calls Biden himself Sleepy Joe, hinting that he is not able to work for a long time.