Biden said Trump’s behavior in the debate was a shame for the United States

US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Joe Biden said that the behavior of his opponent, the incumbent head of the White House Donald Trump, on televised debates was a shame for the United States, TASS reports.

Biden made such a statement on Wednesday during a speech in Ohio. He expressed the hope that voters will draw the right conclusions from the TV debates that took place the day before and will pay attention to what solutions to the problems accumulated in the country are proposed by the candidates for the presidency.

Recall that the first round of pre-election televised debates took place on Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio. During the discussion, Trump repeatedly interrupted his opponent, got into a skirmish with debate host Chris Wallace and tried to speak during the time allotted for Biden’s speech. The Democratic candidate, in turn, called on Trump to “shut up”, calling him “a clown” and “a liar”, as well as “the worst president in American history.”

The debates were broadcasted by all major American TV companies. The discussion, which lasted about one and a half hours, was divided into six parts, each of which was devoted to a specific topic. Trump and Biden discussed the coronavirus pandemic, the state of medicine in the United States, racial protests, the prospects for the American economy.

The next Trump-Biden televised debate is scheduled for October 15, in Miami, Florida. The US presidential election will be held on November 3.