Biden says he is ready to cooperate with Russia

Biden says he is ready to cooperate with Russia

The administration of President-elect Joe Biden intends to negotiate with the Russian leadership about the extension of the Strategic Arms Reduction and Offensive Arms Limitation Treaty.

In particular, according to Jake Sullivan, national security adviser in the Biden administration, the new U.S. leadership will try to negotiate the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive weapons. This was reported by CNN.

Sullivan noted that even during the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States maintained areas of cooperation.

“I am confident that today the United States and Russia can act within their national interests, move forward on arms control and strategic stability, and deal with the threat that nuclear weapons pose to the world,” the Biden adviser said.

According to him, the administration of the president-elect will move immediately to extend the agreement on offensive and strategic arms limitation.

Sullivan also stressed that the new administration is preparing a response to the organizers of large-scale cyberattacks on government agencies and major U.S. technology companies.

According to the advisor, Russia was probably behind the hacking attacks, but only Attorney General William Barr officially made such accusations.