Biden spoke about the mandate given to him by the Americans

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke about how American voters gave him a mandate on issues such as coronavirus, the economy and climate change. The Democrat said this during a speech to supporters in Delaware, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, the people of the United States of different races, faiths and religions have made it clear that they want the country to unite and not continue to polarize. Biden noted that “people declared themselves with 74 million votes.” The Democrat stressed that he received the record number of American votes in history.

Earlier Joe Biden announced his unwillingness to declare victory. At the same time, he stressed that at the moment it is already clear that the Democrats will win this race. The politician added that he could get more than 300 electoral votes, while only 270 are needed to win the elections. The former vice president also noted that he would not allow anyone to suspend the vote count.

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