11 months ago

Biden stayed in the financial hole

11 months ago

The most likely US Democratic candidate in the upcoming election, former vice president Joe Biden, remains in a deep financial hole, despite successfully raising funds to fund his campaign in April. On Thursday, May 21, reports CNN.

According to the channel, last month Biden’s headquarters and the Democratic Party’s national committee managed to raise more than $ 60 million for the campaign. Thus, in April, the income of the Democrats almost equaled that of the Republicans, led by incumbent President Donald Trump, who raised about $ 61.7 million. Despite this, the Democrats are still significantly inferior to the Republicans in terms of the resources they have at their disposal – about $ 100 million against 255 million.

According to CNN, a significant part of the revenues of the campaigns of both parties are small donations from individuals. So, in April, such receipts accounted for about 45 percent of all Trump’s receipts, with the average bill being about $ 200. Biden is still inferior to the current head of state in this direction – in his income the share of such donations is about 37 percent.

At the same time, Democrats are trying to increase the flow of donations through other channels. First of all, we are talking about the so-called Political Action Committee (PAC) – structures that allow individuals and legal entities to donate unlimited amounts for political activities. Officially, such organizations are not associated with any of the candidates, but in fact they provide support to one of them. In April, Trump-supporting America First Action raised $ 11.6 million. The pro-democratic Priorities for the same period raised about 3 million, but said it could soon receive another 25 million.

According to the channel, Biden’s main hope may be the online fund-raising platform ActBlue. In April, she raised almost $ 141 million to support the former vice president, as well as other Democratic politicians who are elected to various government bodies and liberal organizations. At the same time, a similar platform of WinRed Republicans last month raised $ 60 million – more than half as much, although this was its best result since its launch in 2019.

On May 13, it was reported that Biden was currently ahead of Trump in the race. It was noted that the former vice president is supported by 51 percent of registered voters, while 46 percent prefer the current leader of the United States.

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