11 months ago

Biden: “Trump is interested in power, not principles”

11 months ago

Donald Trump is more concerned about his own re-election than the unification of America, fragmented and shocked by mass protests after the death of George Floyd. This is how Democratic candidate Joseph Biden described the position of the US president and the rival in the election race.

On the eve, Trump ordered the law enforcement forces to disperse the peaceful demonstrators gathered near the White House fence, so that he could walk from the residence to the nearby St. John’s Church, which suffered during the riots in Washington: “When we see peaceful demonstrators being dispersed using tear gas and flash grenades so that the president can walk from the White House to the historic church in Washington and the District of Columbia and have a photo shoot, we can understand if we think that the president is more interested in power than principles. “

Speaking the day before, Donald Trump said that he would throw an army in order to restore order in the country, which had been given the order “to prevail on the battlefield.” The next day, not only Biden, but many other representatives of the democratic opposition and even former high-ranking military men reminded the president that America is not a battlefield, and its citizens are not a potential adversary.

From the very beginning of mass protests against the death of George Floyd, police arbitrariness and racism, Trump did not stop adding fuel to the fire, observers say, among other things, equating American anti-fascists with “terrorists”. “This is not a unitary organization, but a kind of political group. They are autonomous and follow their own plans. In the US, Antifa never killed anyone, they just beat the windows. But all this really turns pale compared to the scale of police arbitrariness. Trump is clearly distracting, it’s a favorite topic of the extreme right, “-0 says Mark Bray, a professor of history at Rutgers University.

Trump critics also note that in a week of mass protests he never condemned the white cops, from whose actions George Floyd died, and racism deeply rooted in American society.

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