Biden unveils plan to fight coronavirus

Biden unveils plan to fight coronavirus

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden presented a plan to combat the coronavirus at a meeting with governors.

More than 30 state governors, as well as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and Biden’s COVID-19 coordinators participated in the meeting.

The politician complained that state authorities have received insufficient assistance to date in fighting the infection. He also voiced his goals for the first 100 days of the administration: 100 million doses of vaccines for U.S. citizens. “We will not be able to vaccinate 300 million people in the first hundred days, and many will continue to die,” he said.

Biden also expressed hope that schools will open in the country after 100 days. In addition, the president-elect intends to ask all U.S. residents to wear protective masks during the first 100 days of his administration.

Earlier, Biden revealed plans for his vaccinations. He promised that he would not vaccinate against the coronavirus infection ahead of those at risk. “I don’t want to get ahead of the line, but I want to make sure we can demonstrate to the American people that the vaccine is safe,” Biden said.