Biden warned of worsening coronavirus situation in US

Biden warned of worsening coronavirus situation in US

US President Joe Biden has warned of a worsening coronavirus situation in the country.

“Let me be clear: The situation will continue to worsen before it gets better,” the American leader said.

According to him, the number of deaths will reach 500 thousand already in February. Biden added that it would take months for the situation to improve. In this case, the politician expressed confidence that the United States will triumph over the pandemic.

In December, Biden predicted a timeline for improvement in the country’s coronavirus situation. The Democrat argued that citizens might not see a positive trend with the pandemic until March. “Critics said I was alarmist, but I always promised to tell you how things really are,” the politician explained.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Project, the U.S. remains the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world: 24,538,028. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 408,011 people have died in the country.