Biden was asked to intercede for an American in the case of child trafficking in Russia

Biden was asked to intercede for an American in the case of child trafficking in Russia

Lawyer Igor Trunov sent a letter to U.S. President Joseph Biden with a request to intercede for his client, a citizen of the United States and the Philippines, in the case of child trafficking in Russia.

So, the American Conrado Potenciano was a hostage of a high-profile criminal case on child trafficking, which was initiated in the winter of 2020. Potenciano’s child, born to him by a Ukrainian citizen, was taken away and placed in the Vidnoye Specialized Children’s Home for children with organic lesions of the psyche.

It is noted that lawyers at the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction of the Department of Health of the city of Moscow refused to issue representatives of the American that he is the biological father of the child. The arrival of Potenciano in Russia was prevented by the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to speed up the process of transferring the child to the USA, the surrogate mother was registered in the “mother” field and a dash was put in the “father” field, although the child was given the patronymic Konradovich. Now the Moscow courts deny Potenciano the establishment of paternity.

Trunov sent a letter to the President of the United States, briefly describing the situation with the baby, and asked Biden to intervene, since Potenciano is an American, as is his son.

In 2020, criminal cases of child trafficking began to be filed in Moscow. This came after four babies were found in an apartment in Odintsovo, near Moscow, in January. One of the newborns was dead. On June 23 police found five more babies in Moscow upon a call from neighbors who complained about babies crying. There were two women with them, a nanny, a Chinese citizen, and another woman who is believed to be the surrogate mother of one of the children.

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