Biden was given access to finance to take office as president

Biden was given access to finance to take office as president

US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he had ordered the US General Services Administration to begin handing over power to Joe Biden.

And although the head of state added that he believes in his victory and will continue to fight, the head of government, Emily Murphy, has already allowed Joe Biden to use public finances to take over as head of state.

First of all, Joe Biden promised to tackle the issue of combating coronavirus. After all, the number of cases is growing every day. The day before, almost 150 thousand more cases of infection were recorded.

“In Nebraska and the Midwest in general, we are on fire. COVID-19 spreads very quickly from person to person, this is alarming. The number of patients has almost tripled since the spring, ”said Mark Rupp, professor and chief of the University of Nebraska Medical Center for Infectious Diseases.

Due to the increase in the number of patients with coronavirus in US hospitals, they are forced to cancel planned organ transplants, cancer treatment, and care for people with heart disease. Doctors are worried about the upcoming holidays. After all, it becomes especially difficult to comply with safety measures on such days, people tend to spend time with friends and relatives, without thinking about the health risks.

And in Great Britain, for the holidays, they decided to make a gift to visitors. Now guests from other countries will need to spend only five days in isolation, rather than two weeks, as before. After that, they will be able to take the coronavirus test, and, if it is negative, continue the journey.