Biden will appoint a long-time advisor as head of administration

The newly elected president, Joe Biden, has designated his longtime advisor, Ron Klain, as head of the future administration, appointing an assistant with years of experience to a leadership position at the White House.

Klein will lead the White House, which is likely to be absorbed by the response to the coronavirus pandemic and will have to work with a divided Congress. Klein served as coordinator of the response to Ebola during the 2014 outbreak.

Biden said Wednesday night he chose Klein for the position because his years of experience in Washington had prepared him for the challenge. “His deep, diverse experience and ability to work with people across the political spectrum is exactly what I need at the head of the White House when we’re confronting this moment of crisis and bringing our country back together,” Biden said.

Klein was Biden’s chief of staff during Barack Obama’s first term as well as the chief of staff of Vice President Al Gore in the mid-1990s and was a key advisor to Biden’s campaign, leading preparations for the debate and response to the coronavirus. He has worked with Biden since the 1987 Democrat presidential campaign.

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