Biden will create a new force to fight coronavirus in the United States

Democrat Joe Biden, elected to the post of President of the United States, plans to create a special working group on the coronavirus. He will present her on Monday.

Biden is bringing together a team of scientists and experts to help him develop a plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic. He announced his plans to launch a COVID-19 task force while performing at a victory party on Saturday night. He said these advisers would help him accept the proposals he put out during the campaign to fight the pandemic. This includes incentives to protect Americans and small business loans, as well as plans to implement more standardized public health guidelines.

According to Biden, the proposals will be the “blueprint” that he will put into effect when he takes office next January. He assures that the plan will be “built on fundamental science.” Biden made President Donald Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic at the center of his campaign and pledged that his top priority in office would be to fight COVID-19.

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