Biden will reconsider sanctions policy, WSJ

U.S. authorities intend to review former President Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy. First of all, it concerns the sanctions policy.

By the end of the summer, the study of the situation should be completed. Joe Biden intends to move away from “large-scale campaigns of pressure” on other countries. Authorities will seek to avoid inflicting economic damage on themselves and act with allies.

Washington may ease the economic pressure on Iran. Sources note that Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump’s team used sanctions as a foreign policy tool. In this way, Washington put pressure on the economies of Iran, North Korea and Venezuela.

However, the behavior of Tehran, Pyongyang and Caracas has not changed. The Biden administration believes that sanctions should be part of a broader diplomatic effort.

At the same time, the WSJ reports that the U.S. has a track record of successful cooperation with allies on this sanctions policy. In 2015, Washington and others struck a nuclear deal with Iran. It provided for Tehran’s refusal to produce weapons-grade plutonium.