Biden will repeal Trump’s abortion restrictions

Biden will repeal Trump's abortion restrictions

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden is preparing to repeal restrictions on abortion and other family planning measures imposed by the current head of state Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, in the four years of his presidency, has banned federal funding for organizations that promote abortion, banned family planning firms from referring people to abortion clinics, thus significantly reducing the flow of their clients.

It also allowed employers to refuse to provide employees with contraceptives on religious or ethical grounds. It also expanded the so-called Hyde Amendment, which limited coverage of abortion coverage for federal workers to cases of rape or incest: not only recipients of free health insurance, but many other federally-dependent populations were now covered. It has been noted that Trump’s measures primarily harmed ethnic minorities and low-income people.

With Biden’s arrival, all of these decisions are likely to be reversed in the first months of his term. As the paper notes, Biden had long supported the Hyde Amendment because of his religious beliefs, but under the pressure of criticism he abandoned that position and became an advocate for greater freedom on abortion issues.

In November, Biden’s views upset the Russian Orthodox Church, which condemned his position on abortion and sex reassignment surgery.

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