Biden will stop building the Trump Wall, but will leave the already built site

Joe Biden will stop building Donald Trump’s boundary wall as soon as he is sworn in,” Seattle Times reports. Nevertheless, the elected president will not demolish the already built section.

To date, the Trump administration has spent $15 billion to expand and strengthen existing fences, as well as to build the 30-foot wall that it promised during the 2016 campaign.

According to Dallas Morning News, to date, the president has managed to build 400 miles of the fence: only 12 miles of the territory previously had no barriers. Presumably, at the current rate of construction, by the time Biden takes office, only about 470 miles will have been built.

The wall on the border with Mexico was one of Trump’s main election promises: during the rally, he regularly promised supporters to build an impregnable fence that would stop illegal immigration and drug smuggling into the United States.

Human rights activists, in turn, repeatedly criticized the plan, calling it offensive to immigrants. “Construction of the wall began after Trump was elected. – said House member Henry Kellar – I think without Trump [his supporters] will quickly lose interest in it”.