Biden wins primary election in Hawaii

12 months ago

Former US vice president Joseph Biden, seeking a Democratic nomination for the upcoming US presidential election, won the primary election in Hawaii. This is stated in a statement published on Saturday on the website of the branch of the Democratic Party in the state.

Voting was conducted by mail. It was previously expected to take place on April 4, but plans were changed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. At the primaries in the state, delegates were selected who, at the upcoming national congress of Democrats, would support one or another candidate for the US presidential candidate from the party.

Biden received 63.2% of the vote. Senator Bernie Sanders, who left the pre-election race on April 8, received 36.8% of the vote. After the termination of the election campaign by Sanders, Biden essentially did not have any rivals, however, the names of some of the politicians who had previously participated in the race were still on the ballots.

According to the results of the primary elections, 24 delegates distributed their votes in the state. 16 got Biden, 8 – Sanders.

The National Congress of the US Democratic Party, in which Biden is expected to be called a candidate for the highest public office in the country, was postponed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus on August 17-20. It will be held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). According to The New York Times, Biden has already secured the support of 1,566 delegates to the national congress. To become a presidential candidate in the first round of voting at the congress, the applicant must enlist the support of 1,991 delegates.

The current American president, Donald Trump, has already received a sufficient number of party congress delegates to nominate a Republican candidate in the presidential election. The Republican Congress will be held August 24-27 in the city of Charlotte (North Carolina). The 59th US presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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