Biden’s doctor talks about his condition

Biden's doctor talks about his condition

Joe Biden, who announced his victory in the US presidential election, has shown his doctor his foot, which was injured a fortnight ago, and reporters who saw him have noted a limp.

Biden’s pool reporters in a release quoted Dr Kevin O’Connor, who said the results of the CT scan, carried out in a standing position, were “encouraging”. The crack in one small bone is barely visible and the other is healing, according to expectations, the doctor said.

Biden was on Saturday for a routine examination at Pennsylvania Hospital Radiology, which has a device that allows a patient to be imaged in a standing position. Prior to the politician’s arrival, the pool quoted Dr O’Connor as saying the procedure was routine – “two weeks after the injury”.

“Now that the initial discomfort and swelling has subsided, it is important to observe the structures in the midfoot under actual pressure while standing,” the doctor explained.

A busload of journalists arrived at the hospital at 11:20 (19:20 Moscow time), Biden arrived a minute later wearing a dark suit and a medical mask, and reporters who saw him report that he walked slowly and “slightly limped” into the building.
The politician was at the reception for about an hour (until 8.20pm Moscow) before “emerging in a good mood and talking to a pedestrian in the street”. Biden, meanwhile, has been a proponent of masking, distancing and limiting contact – as basic countermeasures to the coronavirus.

Pool journalists report that he waved to them in a friendly manner as well. Whether Biden went limp after his check-up is not reported.

Biden injured his foot playing with his dog. He himself said in an interview that he tried to grab the dog’s tail and slipped. He was diagnosed with cracked bones in his foot and ordered to wear a special boot.