Biden’s election victory speech announced

Biden's election victory speech announced

U.S. President-elect Joseph Biden, a Democrat, will make a speech in honor of his electoral victory on December 14 (December 15, Moscow). This was reported by Biden’s headquarters.

“In the current battle for America’s soul, democracy has won. We, the people, voted. Faith in our institutions held,” the headquarters cited excerpts from the president’s speech. Biden will also note that the election was fair and call for unity among the people.

In addition, the U.S. leader will call for a fight against the pandemic and a package of measures to support the economy.

Earlier it was reported that the electoral college in several U.S. states finally decided on their votes in the election of the new president of the United States. Thus, the majority of votes was given to former Vice President Joe Biden.

On November 3, the next presidential election was held in the United States. According to media estimates, the candidate of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden won the number of electoral votes necessary for victory and overtook Trump. Biden has already declared himself the elected president of the United States.