Biden’s headquarters accused Trump of trying to split the US

US President Donald Trump has been accused of egoism and attempts to divide American society at the campaign headquarters of Joseph Biden. The corresponding message on Twitter was published on Saturday, July 4, by the representative of the headquarters of the alleged candidate for the post of head of state from the Democrats, Andrew Bates.

“The whole country suffers and pays a high price because of the careless, discordant president, who, besides his own benefit, does not care about anything: neither the sick, nor the unemployed, nor the constitution, nor the threat to our military,” he wrote. At the same time, Bates assured that Biden, in contrast to Trump, on the contrary, is trying to “unite the Americans.”

On Friday night, US President Donald Trump, speaking in South Dakota at a celebration in honor of Independence Day, said that supporters of the “new extreme left fascism” in the US want to destroy the country’s history and “overthrow the American revolution.” Those who turned their anger at the monuments “seek to break the bonds of love and fidelity” that Americans have for the USA and for each other. “Their goal is not the best America. Their goal is to end America, ”he added.

The National Congress of the US Democratic Party, at which Biden should be declared a candidate for the post of head of the White House, was postponed due to a pandemic on August 17–20. It will be held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). The Republican Congress is scheduled for August 24–27. His main events are expected to take place in Jacksonville, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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