Biden’s likely candidate for Secretary of Defense named

Biden's likely candidate for Secretary of Defense named

The Democratic Party of the United States presidential candidate Joe Biden will nominate retired General Lloyd Austin as Minister of Defense. The Politico newspaper cited three sources as a probable candidate for the post of the head of the department.

Austin may become the first African-American to head the Pentagon. Austin himself declined to comment.

Previously, Biden named a candidate for the post of finance minister. For this post, he nominated former Fed head Janet Yellen. “Nobody is better prepared to fight this crisis,” the politician said. Biden called Yellen one of the most important economic thinkers of our time.

Regular presidential elections were held in the USA on November 3. The counting of votes and proceedings on this issue continue to this day. According to the media, Democrat Joe Biden won the necessary number of votes to win the election, thus bypassing Trump. The Democrat has already proclaimed himself elected president of the United States. Trump does not admit defeat in the election and accuses his opponent of ‘massive fraud’.