Big Brother 24: In AFP voting did Kyle finish in top 3?

We thought there could be some controversy in this year’s Big Brother 24 finale, however, it’s interesting to note that the cause was not the contestants themselves. Instead we’re watching the direction of Big Brother houseguest Kyle Capener who was able to finish in the top three spots of America’s Top Houseguest (a.k.a. AFP) voting.

How do you explain how this take place? It was the same houseguest that wanted to form an anti-Cookout alliance made up of Caucasian houseguests. This is among the most controversial episodes this season.Big Brother 24 What happened to Kyle? Kyle place in the top 3 spots for AFP vote?

Big Brother September 26, 2022

Kyle Capener Big Brother were thinking that there might be a bit of debate in this year’s Big Brother 24 finale, however, the controversy was not the fault of the participants themselves.

Instead, we’re taking a look at Big Brother houseguest Kyle Capener who finished in the top three spots of America’s Most Favorite Houseguest (a.k.a. AFP) voting.How could this take place? The same houseguest who was planning to create an anti-Cookout alliance made up of Caucasian house guests, which is an extremely controversial events this season.

The majority of these votes may be Kyle fans despite the controversy (he had an TikTok following prior to this) However, others could be in opposition to what they perceived as some form of social media groupthink that was anti-Kyle or maybe, were opposed to Kyle having been “canceled,” which he wasn’t really. 

The act he committed was unjust and will have to face consequences however, his being ranked the top 3 spot in the poll is a cause for concern. there are some fans who are encouraging certain of his actions?

It’s important to remember that over the last few days we’ve seen a variety of well-organized campaigns for Kyle voters and we’re not saying that we’re awestruck by this. There are people who believe that Kyle was unfairly treated by this show and they were probably casting their vote in his direction to show their love for Kyle.

There’s a second question If Kyle had been top 3: Would Kyle have made the top three If Michael and Brittany did not speak up?

We are aware that Kyle apologized for his conduct during the game, and the players have repaid him for his actions. The real amount of his regret however, will be revealed in the months and years following the game. Kyle was third in the AFP standings.

AFP is a gruelling image of how certain fans saw his character in the aftermath of everything that transpired which isn’t an easy part of this game’s final to accept and accept. (Remember that the rest of the event was excellent and included a historic victory across multiple areas in the case of Taylor Hale.)

What are your thoughts on Kyle being voted top three on AFP”Big Brother 24″? Big Brother 24?

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