Big Brother recap: The Final 3rd Punches The Tickets To Finale Night

We’re here — close to the end of the season as Big Brother is in the process of reducing from four to three. Monte as well as Taylor already have their places already, having won their vetos and HOH respectively as Turner and Brittany are at the back of the line. Monte will be the one who has all the potential. He is the only vote of the entire week. This means the player decides who will make it to the last stage in the contest.

It’s a difficult decision and one which is complicated due to the new relationship that has been developing between Taylor as well as Monte. The way it’s laid out, Taylor thinks that Turner is the greatest threat to them down in the final (I am with you) and she’s aiming to have to get him out of the way. However, Monte is more troubled due to the fact that he’s been working with Turner all along. Are he truly ready to let go of Turner? If not are he deliberately sabotaging his chances? If Brittany decides to stay and is victorious at HOH will she bring Taylor along to the final night?

Things can get complicated Things get messy when Taylor and Monte’s relationship hits a speed bump. I’ll spare you the details about their domestic life, but basically Taylor is caught off guard and makes a observation that can be seen as snarky or uninformed. Monte is, however, overreacts and will repeatedly call Taylor “cold” and “disrespectful,” similar to what Daniel and a host of others have done in the early stages of the game. It’s difficult to discern whether this is an “in the moment” bit of bickering, and how much is something more substantial… whatever the case, there’s tension with Monte and Taylor this time around that wasn’t the case just a few days earlier. Conflict that Turner is completely okay with It’s a fact.

Before we can go to the live voting, we make sure to check in with our jury room. Terrance and Michael are the first to arrive and everyone is stunned by Michael. Everyone assumed that Michael was in complete control in the match, however as the replay shows, that he lost in the wrong way at the wrong moment. There’s nothing much to discuss because you’ve already seen most of the footage However, there are two scenes that stand out. Terrance completely enthralled by Michael’s sudden leaving the house in which he did not ever say goodbye to anyone, and Joseph appearing to have been punch in the gut when Alyssa states she believes that Taylor and Monte were in the same room.

This brings us our attention to live expulsion. Brittany has presented her argument to Monte. She informs him that Turner’s resume full of accomplishments and he’s more likely to win than her. She also claims that she’s not as good at games, while Turner has performed well. It’s not an unfavorable pitch in any way however, at the end of the day, I believe Monte simply has too much to Turner and is convinced that when Turner is the winner of the final HOH, he’ll send Turner to the Final 2. If Monte continues to keep Brittany on the sidelines, there’s just numerous variables that could affect his journey to the final.

Then, Monte votes to evict Brittany and she’s sent to the jury’s home Then that’s the end of this episode. In the final episode, Julie speaks to The Cookout on the spot to get their views about what they think of the Final 3. The group of them all gushed about Kyle’s remarks, and discuss the difficulty of trying to hold any group together until the end. they all have high praise of the players left, yet they all have an unwavering admiration for the way Taylor has gotten through this contest and got through to the end of the night despite having her face-to-face with the wall numerous times.

We’ll find out how well this theory holds up on Sunday, when Big Brother wraps up another season!

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