Big lead: why Trump is losing to Biden

Joe Biden leads the race by 10 percentage points, with a Democrat gaining 53% support when only 43% of Americans are in favor of Donald Trump. The fall in the president’s rating is associated with the scandalous televised debates of two politicians, as well as the infection of the head of state with coronavirus. Polls show that the pandemic remains a key problem for Americans, when Trump himself has rapidly recovered from the disease.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has widened the lead in opinion polls from incumbent President Donald Trump. According to an October study by Fox News, a former vice president gains 53% of the nationwide rating, with 43% of respondents supporting the American leader.

Thus, the gap between the candidates increased to 10%, although a similar poll by the TV channel in September showed a more positive picture for the president. Then in support of Trump were 46% of respondents, and Biden received 51%.

As the channel notes, the Democrat strengthened his position after the first televised debate with the head of state, as well as Trump’s positive test for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Considering that the discussion of the opponents mainly consisted of a mutual exchange of insults, and the president treated the pandemic somewhat frivolously, the drop in the rating can be called a quite expected result.

The coronavirus epidemic is one of the most important issues for voters. A Fox News poll shows that 72% of Americans believe mandatory masking is necessary, as Biden insists. And only 24% of Americans believe Trump’s words that the situation is under control.

Nearly 50% of respondents believe that the fight against coronavirus is more important than the recovery of the American economy, which the president has been insisting on since late spring. 44% of Americans are on Trump’s side on this issue, and they see the economic recovery as an important factor.

At the same time, Biden is ahead of the incumbent by 39 percentage points among those who consider the coronavirus the most important factor, and Trump is 12% more popular with supporters of the economic reset.

In terms of the overall approval rating, the former VP is also in the lead.

So, 57% of respondents have a positive attitude to Biden, 41% perceive him negatively. Trump’s situation is slightly worse – 44% of positive reviews versus 54% of negative ones.

However, the current president for the entire time of his president did not gain more than 47% of the approval rating among the population, emphasizes Fox News. The corresponding record was set in April.