Bill Clinton fell asleep during Biden’s inauguration

Bill Clinton fell asleep during Biden's inauguration

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton fell asleep during the inauguration of new White House leader Joe Biden.

The newspaper noted that during Biden’s inauguration speech, the 42nd U.S. president was “definitely asleep.” He had his wife Hillary Clinton by his side, along with George W. Bush and outgoing Vice President Mike Pence.

Bill Clinton resigned as president on January 20, 2001. In 2016, he was caught falling asleep as his running mate began delivering the final speech at the Democratic convention. A video of a sleeping Bill was later shared by Donald Trump, accompanying the footage with the comment that “even Bill is tired of the way his wife lies.”

In September 2020, Donald Trump’s campaign staff trolled Joe Biden. Footage posted online shows Biden sitting with his eyes closed and sniffling during an interview for DI News. Despite the host’s entreaties to wake him up, the Democrat continues to sleep.