Bill Gates assessed his involvement in the coronavirus pandemic

Bill Gates assessed his involvement in the coronavirus pandemic

In an interview to the German edition Suddeutsche Zeitung, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, assessed rumors about his involvement in the pandemic coronavirus.

In his opinion, dissemination of unreliable facts about vaccination can prolong the COVID-19 epidemic. “It’s a big challenge when people are looking for easy solutions,” Gates said.

The entrepreneur stressed that his foundation has already encountered people’s distrust of the vaccine. He recalled that during the fight against polio in countries such as Pakistan or Nigeria, there were rumors that the vaccine was unsafe and led to infertility in women.

To combat such misconceptions, Gates said, it is necessary to reach out to influential people, community or religious leaders of great authority. He believes that only they can explain the benefits of the vaccine to the public.

Earlier in January, a court in Peru accused billionaires George Soros, Steven Rockefeller and Bill Gates of involvement in the coronavirus pandemic.

The conspiracy theory in connection with the development of the vaccine is actively circulating both in the West and in Russia: in his TV show “Bezogon” director Nikita Mikhalkov suspected Gates of wanting to chip all the people of the planet. The Rossiya 24 TV channel did not show repeats of the program titled “Who Has the State in His Pocket?” which caused Mikhalkov to later complain about censorship.