Bill Gates commented on the “Chip Theory” as well as the development of a coronavirus vaccine

11 months ago

All sorts of rumors began to spread about Microsoft founder Bill Gates about his involvement in the origin of the coronavirus, as well as conspiracy theory about the introduction of a subcutaneous chip to reduce the world’s population.
Bill Gates himself is concerned about the existence of such “crazy ideas”, and also claims that his main goal so far is to create a vaccine against coronavirus, which should first be received by medical workers around the world. He said this in an interview with the BBC Today, the Russian service of the BBC reports.

In March of this year, the founder of a huge corporation left the company’s board of directors because he devoted all his resources to the development of the GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, a charitable foundation supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) with his wife Melinda.

Bill Gates has also launched a new fund that will procure the coronavirus vaccine for poor countries, whose current task is to raise $ 7.4 billion to supply and develop the vaccine.

“The first vaccine should be given to health workers in countries where the epidemic continues. This is due to the fact that they need to continue to do their work, save lives and not be exposed to the serious risk that they are facing now. Then there are police and emergency services – workers vital areas. And when they are protected, then you can go to the rest of the people, “says Gates.

An indicator that the vaccine will be effective will be the fact that it will work on older people, since this category of people is the most vulnerable.

The expert plans to build several plants in order to increase the production of vaccine volumes. But the challenge is the distribution of vaccines across countries.

“If the creation of the vaccine is successful, which we hope for, then for this case there is already a global plan for its mass production,” he said.

The expert also answered journalists’ questions regarding conspiracy theories to take over the world with the help of computer chips that people will receive through vaccination:

“I’m a little worried about the existence of all these crazy ideas. And I’m somewhat surprised that some of these theories are about me. We donate money to create a tool, we write checks to pharmacological companies. It so happened that our foundation has many specialists in the field of pharmacology, and we are considered an honest broker between the government and companies in terms of choosing the best method, “he said.

To the question of how the world would know who was vaccinated and who was not, he replied:

“In rich countries, information is documented, and in poor countries, data is written in paper documents. They are gradually switching to digital technology, but not fast enough. In India, we conduct test programs when the data is stored on mobile phones so that specialists can understand whether it has been covered this or that village “, – summarized Gates.

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