Bill Gates predicts natural disaster for the world after coronavirus epidemic

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said that, in addition to the coronavirus, around which the whole world is now concentrated, there is another problem that will be much more serious than COVID-19.

“Diseases associated with all sorts of viruses will occur regularly, if you do not deal with another problem – climate change,” – said Gates.

He believes that the number of people affected by natural disasters caused by climate change may exceed the number of people affected by COVID-19.

“If you want to understand how climate change will affect people, then look at the situation with COVID-19 and imagine it tenfold,” he predicts.

Gates suggests a solution: the main thing that the authorities and scientists must do is to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. America is second only to China in CO emissions. Every year, about 5.5 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere during the combustion of various gases and oil products.

He is confident that along with new tests and treatments for coronavirus, the world needs to think about what tools can be used in the fight against climate change, it is also important to rethink the way things and food are produced. Plus, it is necessary to help farmers who simply have to adapt to new climatic conditions.