Bill Gates told us what the world would be like after the pandemic

The founder of Microsoft believes that the next pandemic will not be so terrible.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates in a podcast with actress Rashida Jones and U.S. chief infectious disease player Anthony Fauci discussed the progress in creating a vaccine against the new coronavirus and also suggested what the world will look like after the pandemic.

According to Gates, the main will be seven points

Online meetings will become normal. The businessman believes that the pandemic has greatly changed the way we think about communication. It turned out that it is also possible to solve business problems and hold meetings online. “Just as women came to work in factories during World War II and then stayed there, this idea [of online meetings] will take hold,” Gates said.

He also believes that online communication will not only concern business meetings. It’s likely that online training or a visit to a doctor will also become the norm.

The software will start developing faster. Many aspects of life will be transferred to the virtual world, which means that the software for these needs will also have to change.

The offices of companies will become more universal. Since most work moments will be solved remotely, companies will no longer need large offices. This, in turn, will affect the real estate market. It is possible that several companies will be able to occupy one office.

People will not want to live in big cities. Since it will be possible to work remotely, people will no longer seek to live in the center and large cities.

“For example, look at Seattle and San Francisco. Even employees with good pay spend crazy amounts of money on rent. If you’re not tied to the office that you have to go to every day, life in such expensive places will become less attractive for you. Rather, you will want to live in your own home in a small town,” Gates said.

People will start to interact less with their colleagues, but more with friends. Businessman thinks there will be fewer work contacts, so people will want to communicate with friends and family.

The usual things will not return to their places soon. Even after the coronavirus vaccine appears, the world will not return to normal immediately. The disease will not disappear quickly and will manifest itself in different parts of the world. Everything can return to normal only after all countries have access to the vaccine.

The next pandemic will not be so terrible anymore. “The main reason why future pandemics will be less devastating is that we will practice more. Our testing tools will be much better. For the second time, we won’t be so stupid,” Gates emphasized.

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