Bill Gates Warned About Risk Of Coronavirus Vaccine Inefficiency

11 months ago

Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned of the risk of coronavirus vaccine inefficiency on CNN.

The billionaire explained that scientists are trying to develop a vaccine that will not only prevent the disease of the vaccineer, but also stop the transmission of the infection from it to other people. “It is not guaranteed that the vaccine will be an ideal transmission blocker,” he said.

At the same time, Gates praised the effectiveness of the body’s immune response to the disease. The founder of Microsoft believes that the developed immunity protects against the risk of re-infection for at least a year.

In April, Gates predicted when the world could return to normal after the coronavirus pandemic. According to the founder of Microsoft, society will need from one year to two years to fully overcome all the consequences of the spread of the virus. So, to get out of the first stage of the pandemic, it is necessary to build a system of activities that eliminates the risk of a return to the exponential phase of the progression of infection. He predicted that people would be worried about the possibility of infection and dramatically change their behavior.

Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda, donated $ 100 million to fight COVID-19.

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