Bill Gates will spend $2 billion to save the climate

Bill Gates will spend $2 billion to save the climate

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has decided to allocate $2 billion for innovative projects that can prevent a climate disaster.

In an interview with the German publication Handelsblatt, he said that he would spend this amount over five years.

The billionaire is convinced that detrimental climate change can be prevented with new technologies and start-ups, although even with them the process will be very difficult. In his opinion, special attention should be paid to finding renewable energy sources, developing hydrogen fuel, nuclear power, and cleaning the atmosphere of carbon dioxide.

Bill Gates has been concerned about climate change for a long time, he even dedicated his new book to it and urged the world governments to increase spending on scientific research and new developments in the sphere of ecology.

According to the entrepreneur, it is necessary to spend five times as much money on the fight against climate change, up to 110 billion dollars a year. At the same time, we need to act quickly and cut carbon dioxide emissions completely by 2050.

“Even if we turn the faucet so that it pours water only a drop at a time, at some point the bathtub will still be full and will be overflowing,” stressed Gates.

The creator of Microsoft expressed confidence that in 20 years the world economy will suffer critical losses, no less devastating than the coronavirus pandemic, if a climate catastrophe is not averted in the near future.