Billie Eilish unsubscribed on Instagram from Almost Everyone After Attack Charges

10 months ago

Young American singer Billie Eilish hit the headlines again after unsubscribing from virtually all Instagram users, including her former idol Justin Bieber.

The exact reasons for this are unknown, but most believe it is because of her now deleted post with a detailed description of how she will remove anyone who has attacked and abused her.

Ailish has only a few people left to read. To all the rest, she retired from her list. In February, the singer said in an interview with BBC Breakfast that she had to stop reading comments on social networks, claiming that they “destroy” her life. Then she spoke harshly to trolls and haters.

“It’s weird. The steeper what you do, the more people hate you. It’s crazy … It’s just that the Internet has become a bunch of trolls,” says Eilish. It seems that the girl fulfilled her promise and removed everyone who mistreated her .

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