Black prison guards hid from killer George Floyd

11 months ago

Black prison guards were barred from approaching George Floyd’s killer, former police officer Derek Chauvin. It is reported by ABC News.

It is noted that eight non-white employees of the Ramsey County Correctional Facility in Saint Paul filed a discrimination lawsuit against the employer. They claim that the authorities hid them from any contact with Chauvin for racial reasons. Overseers are offended by this fact, because they cannot remember a case in practice when all whites were removed from any prisoner.

It is noted that for the first time, the plaintiffs felt something was wrong when the leadership changed the black officer to white during the inspection of the prisoner. After that, all the color guards of the prison were transferred to the third floor, forbidding them to appear on the fifth, where Chovin is, even in an emergency.

Earlier it became known that in Minneapolis, at the site of the murder of Floyd, they began to preach and baptize in the bath, which was placed in the middle of the road. According to Pastor Charles Karuk, this is a sacred place.

Floyd was arrested on May 25 near a grocery store in Minneapolis. He allegedly paid with a fake check. Law enforcement officers dragged him out of the car and laid him on the asphalt. Police officer Derek Chauvin roughly pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee, and he began to complain that he had nothing to breathe. Soon the arrested died from strangulation. Police actions have led to mass protests, which in some cases are accompanied by looting and pogroms.

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