“Blacks yearn to belong to something”: the head of the radical African American movement on violence and separation from the United States

The leader of the NFAC, a radical black-only militia, “believes in violence” and wants to create a new country for all African Americans. In an interview with RT, the founder and head of NFAC (Not F * cking Around Coalition), Grand Master Jay, spoke about the nature of the organization, its political intentions and the differences between NFAC and the Black Lives Matter movement. In particular, in this regard, the NFAC leader mentioned the readiness of members of his structure to use violent methods of influence, from which, according to him, the BLM refrains.

Masked blacks – armed NFAC militias who recently marched in a Georgia park – see violence and killings as an acceptable response to oppression. Their goal is to break away from the United States and create their own state only for blacks.

The NFAC (Not F * cking Around Coalition) militias have garnered a lot of attention on social media after their high-profile public appearance on 4 July. The sight of militiamen, dressed all in black, armed with machine guns and pistols, and marching in Stone Mountain Park – the most important place for the Ku Klux Klan – excited many.

However, practically nothing is known about them, despite the insane amount of rumors. It is not even clear when this organization appeared and how many it is.

NFAC founder and leader Grand Master Jay (real name John Fitzgerald Johnson) gave RT an exclusive interview to clarify his intentions.

“There is a misconception that we are terrorists who want to kill white people.”

“We are here to protect the black population, because it is they who are under attack. In America, no one protects black children, women and men. The creation of the NFAC was dictated by the need to counter the growing wave of police brutality, racially motivated violence and injustice in the judicial system, ”he says.

“Most of us have served in the army. We are not just youths from the neighborhood – we are responsible voters, people with good jobs. “

Every black is a “political prisoner”
They see themselves as protectors. Jay has a clear understanding of the goal, and he does not waste his time on trifles.

He believes that the black population should separate from the rest of America.

So, Jay says, he and his supporters are filing a suit for release with the International Court of Justice.

He explains: “I want every black person whose ancestors fell victim to the Portuguese slave trade to be recognized as a political prisoner in the United States. And they ordered the United States to do one of two things. The first one is to give us land on which we can settle, establish our own government, and so on. “

By some speculation, Jay wants Texas to become such a land, but he used the Lone Star State only as an example. The main thing is to allocate land that will not be under the control of the White House.

The second option is more radical, and many media outlets refused to publish it.

Jay says, “It is clear that the mainstream media in the US is completely ignorant of the NFAC. ABC News tried to interview me, but they found the information too intimidating, so they buried the material as a story about Stone Mountain.