Blinken tells lawmakers about State Department budget priorities

2 weeks ago
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The secretary of state speaks Monday at a hearing before two House committees.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken speaks remotely Monday at hearings before the House Foreign Relations and Appropriations committees. The hearing focuses on the State Department’s foreign policy strategy and the 2022 budget request.

Blinken tells lawmakers about State Department budget priorities

According to the text of the Secretary of State’s speech, he emphasizes the need to strengthen U.S. leadership on the world stage in the face of multiple challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis and economic recovery.

“We must breathe new life into our alliances and partnerships; stay ahead of China in the competition and protect the rules-based international order from those who seek to undermine it; revive democratic values at home and abroad; and fight back against the malevolent actions of our adversaries,” Blinken notes.

The amount requested by the State Department is $58.5 billion.

According to Blinken, the new budget would strengthen the global health system by providing $10 billion for international health programs, including nearly $1 billion to prevent and control future crises.

The budget request also includes $2.5 billion for international climate programs, including $1.25 billion in the Green Climate Fund to help developing countries with climate change adaptation and emissions reduction programs.

The request also includes $2.8 billion to help foreign nations advance human rights, fight corruption and strengthen democracies.

In addition, the request includes $3.6 billion for contributions to various international organizations and initiatives, including the World Health Organization.

Other State Department priorities include combating the root causes of Central American migration, helping refugees and victims of armed conflict, supporting U.S. partners in the Middle East, training new diplomatic personnel and modernizing cybersecurity systems.

“Our national security depends not only on the strength of our armed forces, but also on our ability to conduct diplomacy and development efforts effectively. This is how we solve global problems, build cooperation, advance our interests and values, protect our citizens, and prevent crises in other countries from becoming emergencies on our soil. That’s why diplomacy and development are smart investments for American taxpayers,” stresses Secretary Blinken.