Bloomberg: US businessmen hiding from coronavirus in New Zealand

12 months ago

Rich Silicon Valley businessmen are fleeing the COVID-19 epidemic in their special shelters in New Zealand, built in response to global disasters. As it turned out, advanced IT-magnets have long been ready for any negative scenarios, including viral pandemics. What needs to be done in advance in order to survive an extreme situation.

Rich U.S. businessmen, many of whom work in Silicon Valley, have fled to New Zealand to hide from the coronavirus epidemic in special bunkers, Bloomberg reports. As it turned out, many of them have similar “doomsday shelters” in which you can survive any disaster, including outbreaks of unknown viruses.

San Francisco entrepreneur Mihai Dinulescu and his wife flew to New Zealand Auckland four days before the country closed all borders to foreigners. However, local media reported that even after the ban, some private boards were still allowed to land.

Once in New Zealand, Dinulescu said, he learned that at least ten of his colleagues and business associates had fled to their safe havens from the States to escape the Coronavirus.

Over the past few years, Silicon Valley’s elites have been actively investing in preparing for the end of the world so that they and their families can survive the worst moments in a pleasant environment with sufficient supplies. It’s not that they really think Doomsday is around the corner – they just have the money to afford it.

“Those who are preparing for the end of the world do not think that it will actually happen. They see it as a distant event, but assess its consequences as severe. So, given their income, spending a small part of it on their defense is a logical step,” former Reddit chief Ishaan Wong told New Yorker.

Among those businessmen who take the end of the world and preparations for it quite seriously are former Y Combinator president and current head of Open AI Sam Altman, as well as Reddit CEO Steve Huffman. In the same group can be attributed to the billionaire and co-founder of PayPal Peter Thiel, who received New Zealand citizenship in 2011 and owns two estates in the country.

“New Zealand is a utopia,” Thiel said nine years ago.

Choosing New Zealand as a place to start from scratch is not random. Peter Thiel has repeatedly stated that one of the most important books in his life was James Dale Davidson’s “The Sovereign Individual: How to Survive and Thrive During the Collapse of the Welfare State”. The Sovereign Individual: How to Survive and Thrive During the Collapse of the Welfare State.” This book shows how the “elite of intellectuals” will rebuild the world after waiting for the fall of the existing regime in pre-created shelters. Davidson singles out New Zealand as the ideal place to build a bunker.

It is known that Teal’c’s example was followed by many Silicon Valley representatives who purchased real estate there. In narrow circles, buying a house in New Zealand is called “apocalyptic insurance”.

But buying a bunker is not enough. It is necessary to conduct all communications there, as well as stock up on food and related products. The current head of Reddit Steve Huffman in 2017 admitted that he bought motorcycles, weapons and ammunition in case of disaster. He decided to take this step after watching the movie “Clash with the Abyss”, in which the Earth is threatened by the inevitable collision with a comet.

Another unexpected precaution in case of apocalypse was laser vision correction operations, which became popular among Silicon Valley businessmen. It is believed that good vision and no need to wear glasses can significantly increase the chance of survival in the conditions of the doomsday.

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