BMW showed the world’s first electric flying suit

During the tests, the athlete managed an unimaginable flight speed of 190 miles per hour!

Engineers of car manufacturer BMW presented a unique Wingsuite to please inveterate extremists and fundamentally change people’s ideas about the possibilities of basebasing.

Wingsuite – a special suit, the design of which allows the flow of air to fill the wings between the legs, arms and body of the pilot so that he could control the flight.

How does it work?

The suit is equipped:

* a special carbon plastic backpack;
* two electric motors with carbon propellers of 10 horse powers each;
* propellers that rotate at 25,000 rpm - they can reach 190 mph;
* 50 volt lithium battery.

At the same time, the total weight of the backpack is only 12 kg, and the battery charge is enough for five minutes of flight.


Austrian Peter Salzman was directly involved in the design and manufacture of Wingsuite. A true connoisseur of extremes conducted numerous tests of an electric suit in the air tube of the BMW test center in Munich.

The athlete was determined to test the development in real conditions in South Korea. The stuntman wanted to fly over three skyscrapers in Busan, but the COVID-19 pandemic made some adjustments. The new destination was the picturesque Alps in Austria, where the pilot jumped from a helicopter from a height of about 3,000 meters. Salzman’s company was made up of extremes in traditional base-jumping suits.

The flight was successful – Salzman managed to reach 190 mph. It should be noted that the flight speed of a baseman in a traditional suit is up to 60 mph.

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