Bolton called “complete nonsense” a comparison of his book with Snowden’s testimony

10 months ago

Former US Presidential Advisor John Bolton called “complete nonsense” a comparison of his book with the testimony of former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden.

Bolton’s memoirs, “The Room Where It Happened: Memoirs from the White House,” were released on Tuesday. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo compared the publication of the book to the actions of Snowden, who in 2013 revealed a number of classified materials about US intelligence programs spying on the Internet.

“This is complete nonsense,” Bolton said in an interview with Fox News, commenting on Pompeo.

“The president (Donald Trump) has been calling me a traitor for several months, so Pompeo follows his course,” the ex-official added.

Last week, US authorities tried to ban the sale of Bolton’s book through court, claiming that he had revealed classified information in it. The judge did not prohibit the sale of memoirs, but agreed that Bolton violated the procedure for coordinating the manuscript with the authorities, having submitted it to the press, and admitted that he could well divulge secret information. According to the court, now Bolton will either receive fame and money if there is no secret information in the book, or will fall under criminal prosecution if it is there.

Trump welcomed the judge’s words and promised that Bolton would pay a high price for breaking the law.

The former adviser also noted that, having left the White House, he destroyed all official records, as required by the privacy regime, and later wrote a book based on memoirs.
Speaking about the reasons for his resignation in September 2019, Bolton confirmed that the “last straw” was Trump’s desire to invite the leaders of the Afghan radical Taliban movement to sign an agreement at Camp David’s residence near Washington.
“I didn’t need these meetings (with the Taliban), and I didn’t want to conclude an agreement, and now it seemed that we could get both of them,” Bolton recalls in his memoirs, preparations for the meeting in Camp David in September 2019 that Trump so wanted and which ultimately did not take place.

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