Bolton fears that if Trump remains president, US will withdraw from NATO

Former US national security adviser John Bolton shared with reporters his rescues: he believes that if Donald Trump wins the November elections and remains in the White House for a second term, the United States could withdraw from NATO.

Bolton said he tried to convince Trump that “NATO is actually a very good alliance”, but he failed to do so, and did not withdraw the country from the North Atlantic alliance just because “he just saw that he could not cross the line and call to the exit. “

“But when he is re-elected, this political barrier, if not completely disappeared, then significantly reduced,” – said Bolton in an interview with Times Radio Thursday.

We will remind, as the website wrote, Trump has repeatedly criticized NATO and said that America “disproportionately” spends a lot on the needs of the military bloc. Earlier, the American media wrote that the head of the White House privately several times declared his desire to withdraw the United States from NATO, explaining this by the “senselessness” of membership in the Alliance.