Bolton praised Trump’s response to US military killings

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump is primarily interested in not the country’s security, but how it looks in the eyes of the public. This opinion on Sunday, June 28, shared the ex-adviser to the American leader John Bolton.

“The fact that the president feels obligated to tweet about this news demonstrates that the main focus of his attention is not the security of our troops, but the question of whether he paid attention to the whole story. Therefore, he says: “Nobody told me about this, don’t blame me,” Bolton said in a conversation with reporters on CNN.

He stressed that the presidential reaction is to say, “this is not my area of ​​responsibility.”

On the eve of the newspaper The New York Times, material was published stating that Russia secretly offered the Taliban supporters (banned in the Russian Federation) rewards for killing the US military in Afghanistan. At the same time, the journalists did not specify how many servicemen were killed by order of the Russian side.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the article an “unpretentious stuffing” and stated the inability of American propaganda to invent something more reliable.

Trump, in turn, called The New York Times a fake newspaper and noted that he did not know anything about the allegedly paid Moscow crimes in Afghanistan.

In mid-June in the United States, conservative representatives of the Republican Party called for tougher sanctions against Moscow and recognize Russia as a “country-sponsor of terrorism.”

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