Bolton revealed what Trump is actually interested in

US President Donald Trump is primarily interested not in the security of the country and its citizens, but in how it looks in the eyes of the public, said former adviser to the American national security leader John Bolton.

So he commented on Trump’s Twitter post, in which the president said no one had informed him or vice president Mike Pence of the attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan that Russia might be behind.

“What does the president have for the reaction? To say: this is not my area of ​​responsibility, no one has told me about this,” said Bolton, whose statement was quoted by Interfax.

According to the ex-adviser, this tweet shows that the main thing for Trump is not the safety of American troops, but his own position.

John Bolton wrote memoirs about his work in the White House, in which President Trump is presented in an extremely unfavorable light. The White House, in turn, accused the author of divulging classified information. According to Trump, Bolton should be convicted and sentenced to imprisonment.