Bolton spoke about Trump’s plans to leave NATO

11 months ago

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton spoke about the intentions of US leader Donald Trump to threaten NATO leaders at the summit in 2018 with the US withdrawing from the alliance if they continue to support the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, RIA Novosti reports.

Bolton wrote about this in the book “The Room Where It Happened: Memoirs from the White House,” which went on sale on Tuesday.

The ex-adviser writes that on the day of the summit, the president called him and asked if he was ready for the “big game today.” After that, he continued: “I respect NATO very much, but we are being treated unfairly. By January 1, all countries must pay 2% of GDP, we will forgive debts, or we will leave. Until we get along with Russia, we will not be in NATO, where NATO countries pay billions of Russia. We will leave if they agree to this gas pipeline, ”Bolton quoted their conversation.

After that, according to a former adviser, he talked about Trump’s threat to leave NATO with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and they decided to convince him to stay in the alliance, but perhaps reducing contributions to the alliance’s operating budget from 22 to 15 percent.

As a result, in his speech, Trump acted on the advice of Bolton – he expressed his support for NATO, but criticized those countries of the alliance that still have small defense budgets.

Earlier it was reported that Bolton in his memoirs said that former US President Barack Obama in 2014 was ready to accept the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

U.S. President Donald Trump said earlier that his former National Security Assistant included sensitive information in his memoirs and thereby violated the law. According to Trump, having published the book, Bolton “jeopardized” the national security of his country.

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