Bomber who blew up a van in the U.S. is suspected of 5G paranoia

Bomber who blew up a van in the U.S. is suspected of 5G paranoia

A resident of American Nashville (Tennessee), who blew up a van in the city street, was suspected of “5G-paranoia”.

According to media reports, after it was established that the explosion was set off by Anthony Quinn Warner, FBI agents began questioning his neighbors. In particular, they were interested in whether the man had previously expressed any ideas about the dangers of 5G communications technology.

The explosion in downtown Nashville occurred on December 25 at 06:30 a.m. (3:30 p.m. Moscow time). Human remains were found at the scene of the accident. Before the explosion, warnings of an explosion and the need to evacuate people in the vicinity were heard from the van.

Conspiracy theories about the health hazards of the 5G standard have been appearing online since at least 2016. They were primarily published on Internet forums and on YouTube. As the coronavirus spread around the world, the rumor of 5G towers being linked to the pandemic spread. Adherents of this conspiracy theory claim that the radiation emitted by the towers causes the same symptoms as COVID-19.

Experts of Oxford Institute for Journalism Research found out that the main disseminators of myths about the infection are celebrities and politicians with a large number of subscribers. As an example, actor Woody Harrelson and singer MIA were cited, which in social networks posted “unfounded” data on the connection of the increase in symptoms of coronavirus with the “radiation” from the 5G towers. In Russia, this theory is supported by TV host Victoria Bonya.